NVIDIA believes GPU supply will improve in second half of 2022

The company’s optimistic expectations may be linked to the arrival of the RTX 40 series in stores

One of the top companies affected by the global component shortage, NVIDIA didn’t let that stop it from adding multiple GPUs to its product lineup—many of which are hard to find in stores. According to forecasts made by its CFO, the chances that the devices will reach the hands of consumers is expected to increase even in the middle of 2022.

Throughout the 2021 calendar we have seen strong demand for GeForce and this continues to be stronger than our supplies overall.”, stated Colette Kress during the Needham Growth Conference. “We are feeling better about our sourcing situation as we approach the second half of the calendar for the year 2022”, he added.

During the presentation, the executive did not go into details about the reasons that lead her to have a more positive forecast than in the recent past. According to Tom’s Hardware, the forecast period tends to coincide with the launch of the new GeForce RTX 40 line, known by the codename “Ada Lovelace”.

RTX 40 series is planned for this year

While NVIDIA (and other companies in the field) keep their plans for the future a secret, the launch of the new range coincides with its strategy of two-year separate generations. The new GPUs are expected to be produced on TSMC’s N5 node, which has entered its third year of large-scale production with good throughput rates.

NVIDIA’s positive forecast is also helped by the fact that the foundry invested billions of dollars to expand its N5 production line, which should result in greater chip availability towards the end of 2022. While the new graphics cards may hit stores in larger numbers than the 30-series, this can represent negative news for those looking for a current component.

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With the proximity of a new generation of components, NVIDIA may have no reason to scale up production from their current lines, however great the demand for them. Thus, not only should the coming months continue to be marked by the difficulty of finding recent GPUs in stores, but they should also be accompanied by prices above the suggested price when that happens.


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Source: Tom’s Hardware

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