Núñez Fariña: "There may be some outbreak" of COVID-19 infections after STEP

Maximiliano Núñez Fariña, head of Health Region I, said this morning that “surely there may be an outbreak” of coronavirus infections due to the last Sunday of the PASO elections, although he pointed out that it “should not be massive.”

“I was visiting several schools. I saw that people behaved as they were supposed, with distance, wearing a mask. It was important to have expanded the number of schools because that allowed there not to be so many tables together,” he explained.

In dialogue with Panorama, by LU2, the professional said that “at first we noticed there was some inconvenience until people ordered themselves and understood that what we were looking for was good epidemiological behavior”.

“We are in the week with the least contagions of the year,” he continued. “That is, the date for the election was correct; we are in an average of 24 cases a day. And there were no delays in closing the vote, so we are satisfied.”

Yesterday, when the Municipality offered the last report, Bahia completed a week with less than 25 daily cases of COVID-19 on average.

The dentist also mentioned that they noticed “small outbreaks” after the return to full presence in schools and that “next week, with Student Day, there should be some outbreak.”

In that sense, he remarked that “we are going to give the exam in the first week of October, with the return of possible infections from these days.”

“Likewise, everything is related to vaccination, which causes people to have immunity. The current cases are of people who can pass the disease on an outpatient basis, at home, without requiring hospitalization,” he mentioned.

“We are confident that the work that has been done, with vaccination and awareness, is bearing fruit,” he said.

According to the province’s bed management system, the occupancy in intensive care was 41.46% in Bahia on Tuesday morning. Out of a total of 82 beds, 34 remained occupied; 5 of them with positive or suspected cases of COVID-19.

In another order, Núñez Fariña stressed that “there were no more infections with the delta variant” after the case detected in a person of Filipino origin.

“September 3 was the last day they were in Bahia, they were discharged and left. Close contacts of the plane were swabbed and followed up by telephone and none tested positive.”

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