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Djokovic will be able to meet with his lawyers under the supervision of two customs agents this Saturday, a day in which – according to judicial sources – a hearing in the Federal Court has been scheduled at 10:15 local time (25:15 GMT on Friday). from Australia.

The process is expected to end before the start of the Australian Open, which takes place between January 17 and 30 in the city of Melbourne and in which Djokovic hopes to obtain his tenth title and become the most successful tennis player in history. with 21 ‘Grand Slams’.

After several days studying the case, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke decided at the end of Friday afternoon to cancel Djokovic’s visa again with the intention of expelling him from the country, which could also mean a three-year ban on returning. to Australia.

Djokovic traveled to Melbourne from Spain on January 5 with a medical exemption so as not to be vaccinated, having recently been infected with covid-19, although upon arrival the Immigration authorities canceled his visa and detained him.

Last Monday, a court also chaired by Judge Kelly ordered the tennis player’s release after understanding that he had not been treated “fairly”.

Last Wednesday, Djokovic admitted that his representatives made “human errors” in his declaration to enter Australia, since it was indicated that he had not traveled in the last 14 previous days, but the truth is that he had moved from Serbia to Spain.

In addition, he acknowledged an “error of judgment” after having attended an interview with the French media outlet L’Equipe on December 18 in Belgrade, despite knowing that he had covid-19.

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