Not to believe: the dog trainer will remain a prisoner in the Luna family house

The dog trainer Mark Smith, arrested for planting evidence during the search for Vivian Moon, He benefited from house arrest. Since he cannot leave the province, he will stay in Mendoza, and who arranged his home is nothing more and nothing less than one of the sons of Luna.

Herrero was arrested in December at his home in Viedma Río Negro, following a request from the Mendoza prosecutor Gustavo Pirrello. The prosecutor considered that Blacksmith planted evidence during the raking that he carried out in Potrerillos in the cause of Vivian Moon.

Since then, he has been detained and charged with false accusation, false testimony, cover-up, usurpation of titles and honors, and fraud.

This Friday a preventive detention hearing was held and Judge Gonzalo Guiñazú granted him the benefit of house arrest. For the same must pay a deposit of 150 thousand pesos. Likewise, what caught the attention of the magistrates is that the trainer maintained that the one who offered his house for him to stay in is one of the sons of Vivian Moon.

Viviana Luna, missing since 2016

Of course, the family of the woman who disappeared in 2016 does not agree with the Justice and believes in the innocence of the handler, who was paid 150 thousand pesos to do the raking.

Blacksmith, If the Justice accepts, he will stay in the house with an electronic anklet until the case goes to trial.

The cause

Herrero was hired by Luna’s family to collaborate with the investigation of the woman who was last seen in December 2016. During the first searches he carried out, the former police officer claimed to have found bone remains and writings in which they gave an account of an alleged trafficking network of which the woman would have been a victim.

Because the area had already been searched several times by the investigations, suspicions began to settle on the handler. The results of the tests also confirmed that the remains belonged to a man and were part of the same body of bones found in Santa Cruz in another search where Herrero participated.

The handler was transferred from Santa Cruz to Mendoza where he was accused of cover-up, false testimony, false complaint, fraud and usurpation of titles.

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