Not healthy: ÖKO-TEST finds mineral oil in walnuts

In a current test, the experts from ÖKO-TEST examined a total of 20 packs of walnut kernels. Although most of them performed well in the test, the laboratory found critical ingredients in some products. Most of them also have criticism of their taste. More about it here.

Healthy is not always healthy. This is shown by the current walnut test by ÖKO-TEST (12/2021). The experts examined a total of 20 packaged walnut kernels in more detail, including six organic products. Five of the organic walnuts, such as the one Alnatura Walnut kernels and the Dm Organic walnut kernels, cut “very well”. Although both contain traces of mineral oil components, they do very well in the other categories. The sensory experts also have nothing to complain about in terms of taste.

The situation is different with the organic walnut kernel halves from Rapunzel. In contrast to the test winners, they only come off “satisfactorily”. The reason for this: the testers recognized a slight cardboard note in both the smell and the taste and also rated the taste as sometimes very bitter.

Not only the organic product struggles with bad tasting grades. Even with the conventional walnuts, the sensory experts found slight to distinct packaging or solvent notes.

It doesn’t have to be expensive: Discounter nuts at the forefront

In addition to expensive branded products, conventional walnuts also include inexpensive own brands from discounters and supermarkets. The following inexpensive products score “very good” in the test and can also convince in terms of taste:

  • Trader Joe’s walnuts natural from California Aldi Nord
  • Farmer Naturals natural walnut kernels from Aldi south
  • Alesto Selection natural walnut kernels from Lidl
  • Genuss Plus walnut kernels from Rossmann
  • Edeka walnut kernels natural hand-beaten by Edeka

In addition to the more affordable providers, two brands can also get the top grade: Herbert Kluth walnut kernels for around 7 euros and Seeberger walnut kernels for 5 euros.

Walnuts under fire: solvents, plastic & mineral oil

Many cheap dealers, however, have been criticizing the walnuts. The Clarky’s walnut kernels from California (natural) by Net cut off only “sufficient”. Here the laboratory shows increased traces of mineral oil. When it comes to tasting, the taste of the packaging means that additional points are deducted. Also with the Ardilla Californian walnut kernels (natural) from Rule the experts measure increased mineral oil components. The testers also noticed a clear solvent grade. The Norma nuts fail the test and fail as “unsatisfactory”.

In the puda walnut kernels of Penny the laboratory also finds mineral oil. Here the values ​​are “only” slightly increased. There are also deductions for the packaging grade here. After all, it is still “sufficient” for the overall rating.

The walnuts from Farmer’s Snack for a whopping 6.19 euros have not only adopted the taste of the packaging, but also the plasticizers in the plastic. They can also be used to detect elevated DEHP values.

You can read the detailed test report with all the results for a fee at ÖKO-TEST.

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