Noguera and then parejo in the ADAR tournament

Until now, a couple of face-to-face tournaments had already been played at ADAR. The latter does nothing. All open. Now, the leaders of the capital entity decided to hold a contest with other characteristics. At least since the call. This is how the La 22 Tournament was already underway. Name that it took from the sponsors of the event.

It was the last Saturday that this competition began to be played, which has the participation of ten chess players. Not just anyone. These, chosen almost by hand, for their production in the last time. Both in events sponsored by ADAR itself and in others at the regional or national level. This competition is valid for ELO FIDE. Half of the players who are already competing in this tournament are ranked. The rest, no. It will then be a good opportunity for everyone. In addition to playing, to continue scoring points, the ones, or to become the first units in their sports career, the others.

The competition started with everything. The candidates, Mario León and Matías Campeón, missed points in their debut. Who did not do it, and took advantage of the results of others, was Lucas Noguera. The ADAR player finished undefeated on the first day.

First round

M. León 0.5 – L. Fernández 0.5

G. Flores 0 – L. Noguera 1

A. Rovera 0 – J. R. Garrido 1

M. Champion 0 – JP Casas 1

C. Martínez 1 – H. Testoni 0

Second round

L. Fernández 1 – H. Testoni 0

JP Casas 0.5 – C. Martínez 0.5

JR Garrido 0 – M. Champion 1

L. Noguera 1 – A. Rovera 0

M. León 1 – G. Flores 0

The conference was held at the ADAR headquarters on Avenida Kirchner, in the heart of our city. At all times, they urged personal care in these times and also to respect the protocol rules imposed by the provincial authorities for sporting events.

It is worth remembering that this competition is taking place under the Round Robin system. This format foresees clashes of all against all to a return.

Nine will then be the rounds. The games were programmed at a game rate of 60 minutes and an extra 30 seconds for each play. In charge of the organization and supervision of this contest is the regional referee, a member of the ADAR and also a participant, Leandro Fernández.

Another who is collaborating with the event, also officiating as a referee is the local Francisco Villamayor.

The championship

With what has been done so far, Noguera became a fast favorite. He went on to integrate the list of candidates with the others who were already considered such even before starting the action. Now the fight, typical of the leader, will be to maintain his level, the victories and his position in the table. The rest will seek in the future to recover what was lost and advance positions. After what happened in these first two rounds, the positions in the tournament were like this:

1st Lucas Noguera 2.0 pts.


2nd Juan Pablo Casas 1.5 pts.


3rd Mario León 1.5 pts.


5th Carlos Martínez 1.5 pts.


10 ° Leandro Fernández 1.5 pts.


6th Matías Champion 1.0 pt.


7th José Ramón Garrido 1.0 pt.


8th Glenda Flores 0.0 pts.


9 ° Adrián Rovera 0.0 pts.


10th Hugo Testoni 0.0 pts.

Chess Friends

What’s coming

The PASO forced the organizers to have to make a jump in the programming. The third and fourth rounds of this tournament were to be played yesterday but they had to be rescheduled due to electoral protocol issues. Now, then, we will have to wait until next Saturday. Day on which they will be played, from 2:00 p.m., one and, from 6:00 p.m., the other. On Sunday, the formula will be repeated. There will be another double round of action, at the same time and, in the same way, in the same place.

The confrontations that follow are already known. These are the next ones: Third Round, Glenda Flores vs. Leandro Fernández, Adrián Rovera vs. Mario León, Matías Champion vs. Lucas Noguera, Carlos Martínez vs. José Ramón Garrido and Hugo Testoni vs. Juan Pablo Casas and Fourth Round, Leandro Fernández vs. Juan Pablo Casas, José Ramón Garrido vs. Hugo Testoni, Lucas Noguera vs. Carlos Martínez, Mario León vs. Matías Campeón and Glenda Flores vs. Adrián Rovera.

What happened at the beginning of the contest left the bar high. And the open game. Everyone is now looking forward to what is to come. Also with the logical anxiety of wanting to know the end. For that, there is still a little left. Judging from what happened, luckily so.

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