No vaccine, no appointment: Mexican women seek couples immune to COVID-19

The COVID-19 vaccine has become a new requirement for many Mexican women when it comes to agreeing to go out with a man in the new reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is what the online dating site says: Adopt a boy. According to a survey carried out among 4,600 respondents, 63% of Mexicans who choose to look for appointments through virtual applications affirmed that it is vital for them that their appointment has the same perception about the importance of getting vaccinated.

In that same sense, 92% of the women who participated in the survey mentioned that they have already been vaccinated or plan to do so.

The vaccine against COVID-19 irremediably marks the way in which people relate and carry out their encounters. For example, in Jalisco, starting tomorrow it will be necessary to show the vaccination certificate To enter a bar or club, a test that shows that you are not carrying the coronavirus is also valid.

Vaccination is a topic of conversation for 52% of women during a date and according to Rocío Cardosa, project manager of Adopa un chico “Apps have been an ideal space in this age of healthy distance.” So much so 6 out of 10 women say they would not date someone if they refuse to get vaccinated.

Many online dating apps now add a category to user profiles to inform others whether or not the user is vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health reported that Mexico registered 44 thousand 187 new infections of COVID-19 yesterday, the highest figure during the pandemic, for a total of four million 214 thousand 253 cases, in addition to 190 deaths to reach 300 thousand 764 total deaths.



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