“No peace at any price”: Russia’s OSCE representative warns NATO

Wendy Sherman, Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States, and Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, at a bilateral meeting on Monday
Image: dpa

After the talks with the USA and its allies, Russia insists on a quick decision on the required security guarantees. In the event that talks fail, Moscow is not ruling out the possibility of stationing troops in Cuba.

Rus country has insisted on an early decision on the security guarantees demanded by Russia from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Delaying the negotiations could lead to an “inevitable deterioration in the security situation of all states without exception,” said Russia’s OSCE Permanent Representative Alexander Lukashevich on Thursday at a meeting of the organization in Vienna. “Russia is a peace-loving country. But we don’t need peace at any price. “

The meeting was held against the backdrop of mounting tensions in the Ukraine conflict. From a Western perspective, Russian troop deployments pose a threat to Ukraine. Moscow, on the other hand, sees itself threatened by NATO and demands that the Western military alliance not accept any new members such as Ukraine or Georgia. The OSCE meeting followed bilateral crisis talks between the US and Russia in Geneva on Monday and a meeting of the 30 NATO countries with Russia in Brussels on Wednesday.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov also drew a negative balance on Thursday. In Moscow, according to Russian news agencies, he warned of a dead end and justified this with the fact that the American government and its allies did not want to comply with the demands for security guarantees. Therefore, he sees no reason for further talks. Instead, Russia will use “other measures and techniques” in relation to the West.

If the talks failed, Ryabkov did not rule out a stationing of the Russian military in Cuba and Venezuela. “I neither want to confirm nor exclude anything,” he said on Thursday in response to a question on the RTVi broadcaster. “Everything depends on the actions of our American colleagues.”

The Tass agency quoted Ryabkov as saying that military experts would provide President Vladimir Putin with options if the Ukraine situation worsened. But diplomacy must be given a chance. On Monday, Ryabkov had consulted with the US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, in Geneva without any significant progress.

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