Niurka Marcos’ daughter impacts with powerful message of self-love

Niurka Marcos has known how to forge the self-love In her daughter Romina, this was proven through a powerful post on Instagram, which is giving a lot to talk about, but also shows us how calm and how much she loves her body.

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One of the recent changes that caused a sensation in social networks was that Romina Marcos decide to shave as his mother once did. Cutting her long hair left all her followers with their mouths open, who did not hesitate to praise her.

This change was the product of many friendship disappointments that Romina Marcos had, since for her shaving meant freeing herself from all those problems and leaving the past behind. How bad it must have happened after suffer these disappointments of people dear to her.

In this drastic change, her mother Niurka Marcos was always present, who filled her with hugs and kisses at all times. It is noted that they maintain a relationship very sincere and pretty, since as we know the star does not mince words to tell the truth.

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But this recent photo of Romina Marcos caused more controversy on social networks, since in addition to the powerful message that accompanies it, Niurka Marcos’s daughter wears little clothes showing what her body is like, without the need to hide any imperfection.

This powerful message emphasizes that the physical is not important, since as women we are always criticized for not looking good, Romina made it very clear that we are not only meat, but we also have goals to fulfill being always successful and unattainable.

This significant publication could not miss the comment of his mother Niurka Marcos, which swept away with a beautiful message “It does not matter who criticizes you will attract the attention of those who will defend you”, what a beautiful response from her mother, which ended with a love you.

Many comments did not stop appearing, which praised her beauty and the pretty personality by Romina Marcos, since many highlighted that those imperfections that beauty stereotypes have put us as bad are part of a woman’s nature.

I love that all women love each other for being them simply, that they do not seek the approval of anyone and much less of a man, the feminism It has given power to all those who felt repressed by a system that according to the one in command.

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