Nissan celebrates six decades in Mexico and will bet on e-power technology for its next few years

Six decades of life in the automotive industry being a benchmark is something that could not go unnoticed, so Nissan celebrated this anniversary by recounting its history in Mexico and confirming that the country will be a worldwide benchmark for the development of technology e-Power, which promises to be a watershed for the mobility of the future.

For this celebration, Jose Roman, President of Nissan Mexican, gave a brief account of what the Japanese brand has meant in the country with some important dates.

Arrival with Datsun opened the doors of Japanese assemblers in the country in 1961 and later established itself with the plant CIVAC and from there grow gradually.

“Today is a very exciting day for us. In addition to celebrating 60 years of presence in the Mexican market, consolidating ourselves as a Japanese brand, with a long history in the Mexican automotive industry, we announce the upcoming arrival of e-Power technology in Mexico as part of the strengthening of our electrification strategy ”, José Román indicated.

One of the news that was released at the celebration was the arrival of e-Power technology in Mexico, which will make its debut in Latin America in the second half of 2022.


Nissan e-POWER integrates a fully electric motor, which drives the entire unit. It is capable of providing all the torque from the moment the accelerator is pressed without affecting the battery consumption and the range of autonomy. Furthermore, there is no longer a need for special electric chargers.

It integrates a gasoline engine, but it only works as a generator that is responsible for recharging the vehicle’s battery. Ergo, at no time will it intervene in the operation of the vehicle for its impulse.

José Román mentioned that in the coming months the e-POWER model that will arrive in Mexico will be known.

Nissan sees from this anniversary the step towards a new era in which innovation is part of its plan, as it has successfully implemented it over the years in the national territory.

A certification for some of its models produced in the country that are already recognized worldwide as made in Mexico, a wider range of options in its vehicles and the incorporation of the most advanced electrical technology with the beginning of another decade of life.

1961, starts operations under the name Datsun
1966, opening of the CIVAC plant
1981, Datsun changes name to Nissan
1992, the Aguascalientes A1 plant begins operations
2010, LEAF, the brand’s first electric vehicle, is launched
2013, the Aguascalientes A2 plant is inaugurated
2017, arriba Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan Mexicana has produced 14 million vehicles in the 55 years it has been a manufacturer under this name

“Mexico will become the first country in the region (Latin America) in which Nissan launches this new type of electric vehicle. I guarantee that e-Power will mark a new stage of driving, redefining the future of mobility for the next 60 years and more ”: José Román, president of Nissan Mexicana


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