Nisman case: “They will not find anything on my phone,” said Diego Lagomarsino

Diego Lagomarsino, computer expert accused of the death of Alberto Nisman, gave an interview through Twitter Spaces where he spoke about the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to authorize the Prosecutor’s Office to analyze his kidnapped telephones and electronic equipment.

“The truth, what happened today was sung that it was going to happen. I don’t refuse to let them see my cell phone. In fact, I gave it to that cell phone in November 2017, two and a half years after Alberto’s death. I handed over my cell phone and his access code. What I ask is that article 254 of the Code of Criminal Procedure be complied with, which says that in the event of a raid, the judge is the one who must decide what information is expert and what is not, just that, “said Lagomarsino.

The expert was an employee of the deceased prosecutor and he was the one who loaned him the weapon from which the shot that ended his life came.

Diego Lagomarsino had filed an appeal with the Supreme Court to prevent the prosecutor Eduardo Taiano from being able to analyze his electronic devices, as Ercolini had authorized.

“The cell phone was bought in 2016, it was brought to me by my wife from Chile. In other words, when you go looking for something from that time, you will not find anything because it is a new phone, I bought it after the one I had before was kidnapped. That was the original, the one I had, the one I chatted with and everything with him ”, he explained.

And he once again defended himself against the accusations: “The gendarmerie stated that it was a homicide due to a blood stain that was on the counter,” but considered that this is not sufficient evidence to determine that it was a murder, so He opined that the gendarmes who signed that act “are going to go to jail and they know it.”

“It is very important to go to the expert reports, because they are the ones that tell us what happened. I guarantee what happened until 8:30 pm on Saturday, what happened afterwards the experts have to say. I guarantee what happened until 8:30 p.m., I swear it by my two children and I will always swear it, until one day we are all dead and God says ‘Diego was right’, but by that time it will be too late “, he closed Diego Lagomarsino.

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