Nintendo confirms: N64 games for Switch will be 60 Hz versions

Expansion pack with games will arrive by the end of October

In a statement on twitter from Nintendo Portugal, the company announced that the games Nintendo 64 that will reach the Nintendo Switch will run at 60 Hz, with audio and English subtitles, the games will be released for the Switch at the end of this month by Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack as announced by the company during its last Nintendo Direct.

This information mainly impacts the residents of Europe, that at the time of the release of the Nintendo 64 used televisions with the system PAL, capable of reproducing images to 50 Hz, unlike the USA e Japan who used the system NTSC, capable of reproducing images at 60 Hz.

No Brazil the system adopted was the PAL-M, a variation of the system used in Europe. but capable of reproducing images to 60 Hz. At the time that the Nintendo 64 arrived in stores, it was common for Brazilian buyers who purchased the American device by import to have problems reproducing images in color, this happened because televisions in Brazil only now have technology support NTSC from 1996, curiously the same year the console was launched, it was necessary to use converters or even transform your television to the NTSC standard, a common technique at the time provided by technical assistance specialists in televisions.

Check below the statement on twitter confirming the games at 60 Hz.

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Despite the confirmation, it was also informed that some games will be available in two versions, one of them being in 50 Hz, clearly to please the more nostalgic gamers who have had the original experience in the version PAL.

Nintendo has not yet confirmed the value or the exact date when the Expansion Pack with Nintendo 64 games will arrive on Switch, the pack will also feature Mega Drive games, the initial list of games you can check here.

Nintendo Switch will receive Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games
Games will be made available through a subscription expansion to Nintendo Switch Online


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