Nik rekindled the controversy with Aníbal Fernández

“They killed a 17-year-old boy who was going to study in Quilmes. Argentina urgently needs SECURITY to take care of us, NOT to chase or waste time in unusual statements. Do we continue, as someone said, with officials who do not work?“Nik wrote in reference to a phrase by Vice President Cristina Kirchner before the changes in the national Cabinet about some government officials who responded to Alberto Fernández.


The cartoonist Nik continued the controversy with Aníbal Fernández after the death of a 17-year-old young man was known in an act of insecurity in Buenos Aires.

The discussion on Twitter between Aníbal Fernández and Nik began withAndo the cartoonist wrote on Twitter against government measures which he considered “electoralists” in the face of the November 14 vote.

“Giving away refrigerators, carafes, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad never to hear the word work, effort, future, future. The dignity of the people will defeat them again,” he said. the humorist.

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In the same social network, the Minister of Security replied: “Many schools and colleges in CABA receive state subsidies and that’s fine. For example, the ORT school / college. Do you know it? If you know it …”, referring to the fact that Nik’s daughters attend there.

After that, the cartoonist expressed that he felt threatened while Anibal Fernández came out to apologize.

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