Nik again questioned Aníbal Fernández with a curious caricature

The drawer I he questioned the Minister of National Security again, Anibal Fernandez, after the murder of Lucas Cancino, the 17-year-old who was stabbed to death this morning during a robbery in the Buenos Aires city of Quilmes.

I shared a drawing in which his character Gaturro appears crying and it reads “Justice for Lucas“at the top and” Mr. Minister, security, security, security “.

Questioning I arrives hours after Anibal Fernandez sent him an intimidating message warning him that he knew which school his daughters go to.

The message with which Nik questioned Aníbal Fernández about the murder of Lucas Cancino.

The intimidating publication of Fernandez On Twitter it provoked a wave of repudiation and a great deal of criticism from the opposition, which demanded the official’s resignation.

However, the Minister of Security assured that he did not know that the daughters of I they went to ORT school. “If you want to report me, do so,” he said.

One of the messages that Nik replied about what happened in Quilmes.

What’s more, Fernandez He sought to tone down the controversy by ensuring that, with the cartoonist, he usually discusses different topics.

The cartoonist, for his part, said that “for 30 years” he has dedicated himself to making political humor through his drawings and was surprised and anguished by what happened.

I He said that he is having problems resuming his work routine and assured that someone gave his phone number, which is why he began to receive several threatening messages through WhatsApp.


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