Night train Santiago-Concepción 2022: What are the seats like and what are their differences?

Since last January 7, 2022, the night train Santiago-Concepción and it will continue to operate every weekend this summer, a fact that has not happened since 2008.

The railway will leave the Friday at 11:15 p.m. from Central Station and the Saturdays at 7:15 a.m. to Concepción, in a eight hour journey.

In the same way, the return trip will be the Sundays at 10:00 p.m. from Concepción, to arrive at the Metropolitan Region at 06:30 a.m.. In addition, both outward and return there will be a stop in San Rosendo, Bio bio region.

Despite the theft of power lines that suffered the railroad in its first operation from the south of the country to the capital on January 9, and that forced passengers to go alone to the Curicó railway station, the company EFE Trains of Chile confirmed that the Santiago-Concepción night train will continue to function normally this weekend and the following January and February.

Types of seats and prices of the Santiago-Concepción night train

The train has three types of seats with different prices (the value corresponds to each journey). These are their differences:

Tourist Room: $ 15,900 each.

Has individual seats in rows of two, separated by a central aisle. In addition, they have curtains and luggage rack located on each seat. It has air conditioning, vacuum toilets and garbage cans on board.

Tourist Room. Photo:

Super Salon: $ 19,900 each.

It has individual seats in rows of two. They are reclining and adjustable in the direction of travel. They have curtains and on each seat there is a luggage rack. It also has air conditioning, vacuum toilets and garbage cans on board.

Super Hall. Photo:

Preference: $ 26,900 c / u.

Has wider reclining seats arranged in rows for two people (window and hallway) and a single row. Half of the seats are in the direction of travel of the train and the other in the opposite direction.

In addition, it has individual sockets for each passenger, wide seats reclining at 140 °, individual table, air conditioning, vacuum toilets (two per car), trash cans on board and luggage rack located on each seat.

Preferential. Photo:

Where can you buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at Central Station ticket offices and you can also buy online on the website

To buy your ticket online, you must enter your starting point and destination, along with the date of your trip. After this, the site will show you the cars, rates and seats available.

Next, you must click on “See seats” and select the space you want to buy. Then, you have to enter the passenger’s name and press “Buy now”. Tickets can be paid using credit, debit or prepaid cards.

It should be noted that the tickets to travel in January are already sold out, leaving tickets available only for February of this year.

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