Nicolas Hulot accused of rape: a victim breaks the silence in “Special Envoy”

The Special Envoy report which gives a voice to women accusing Nicolas Hulot “of” sexual assault and even rape “was broadcast this Thursday evening. It contains the testimony of Sylvia, who was 16 when she said she had met Nicolas Hulot. She describes a scene of rape which would have happened in a car. “He forces me to give him a fellatio. (…) As I am a fan of him, I cannot tell myself that what is happening must not happen, that it is something bad. I thought about it very quickly, but not there, not in the car, ”she explains.

The environmental activist and former minister Nicolas Hulot announced on Wednesday that he would leave public life “definitively”, saying that he wanted to protect his relatives and his Foundation from the fallout of the “lynching”.

“I am going to leave the honorary presidency of my foundation, work of my life (…) to protect them from dirt,” he declared on BFMTV.

Later in the evening, the Belgian Maureen Dor also revealed that she had been assaulted by Nicolas Hulot.

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