NHL 22 – Superstar Draisaitl among top 5 ratings in the game

The next part of EA’s ice hockey simulation comes out this week. Now more details on player ratings and changes in the common modes have been published. Can the sports series also gain a foothold in Germany?

Leon Draisaitl is the strongest European player in NHL 22.

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Compared to their major sports games NFL and FIFA, NHL has always been neglected by EA. Even in North America, one of the largest locations for the sport, the series never prevailed against the neighboring brands.

In Germany, where ice hockey plays an even smaller role, this is even more true. With NHL 22, however, a step should be taken in the right direction to establish the sport and the series more strongly and to attract new fans to the ice.

Fine adjustment in the known modes thanks to X-factors

As previously announced, X-Factors are one of the biggest innovations in NHL 22. EA has already presented in more detail how the new special abilities affect certain game modes, such as the Be-a-Pro career.

So your own professional will have the opportunity to experience so-called X-factor storylines. These are each a series of specific challenges, at the end of which a corresponding special ability can be unlocked for the specially created professional.

This system is intended to give players more opportunities to shape their careers individually and to make the progression more varied and interesting. This is reminiscent of the new player career in FIFA 22. Also in NHL 22, talent trees and special challenges are supposed to upgrade the mode and bring a spark of role play to the sports simulation.

German professional Draisaitl best European

Publisher EA has also published the ratings of the 50 best players in NHL 22. The German professional Leon Draisaitl is right at the top.

With a score of 93, the 26-year-old from the Edmonton Oilers is not only clearly the strongest player from Germany, even ahead of players like Philipp Grubauer from the Seattle Kraken (87) or Tim Stützle from the Ottawa Senators (84).

Draisaitl is ranked 2nd in the entire game and thus the strongest European player in NHL 22. He shares the place with Nathan Mackinnon of the Colorado Avalanche and Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Whether many players in this country will slide across the digital ice with him remains an exciting question. The game series has stagnated in recent years, and real sport has never been able to gain a full foothold in this country.

As long as the sport in general fails to attract more attention, it will continue to be difficult for its virtual counterpart to move beyond a dedicated fan base. If NHL 22 is a success as the first offshoot in the new generation of consoles, it could be a building block for it.

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