Zapopan reinforces “Pulses of Life” against violence against women

To extend protection to women victims of violence, the Zapopan City Council will add another 300 “Pulses of Life”, reports Mayor Juan José Frangie.

Around 1.8 million pesos will be invested for its acquisition. With these, the Police Station will have 754 devices to provide protection in real time and after a prior complaint of women, girls and boys at imminent risk.

The foregoing, emphasizes the municipal president, is part of the restructuring and strengthening strategies for the prevention and attention to gender violence, which also includes the arrival of the first commander to direct the Intrafamily Violence Attention Unit (UAVI). ), Arcelia Abelar, who will be 25 years old at the Zapopan Police Station.

“This whole issue of gender-based violence has grown a lot and, in Zapopan, we must perfect the strategies to deal with it. Everything is perfectible, that’s why these decisions were made. The fact that it is a woman who arrives at the UAVI gives greater sensitivity to attend to all these situations”, comments Frangie.

It details that the strategy includes the reinforcement of the equipment, the purchase of patrols, the hiring of personnel, the training and the implementation of technology in the corporation.

How can I access a “Pulse of Life”?

  • A “Pulse of Life” is a geolocation device through which it is guaranteed that, in the event of an incident in which the victim feels at risk, With the push of a button, a unit from the Police Station will be transferred to provide support and take it to safety.
  • To access the device, the order or protection measure issued by an authority, such as the Justice Center for Women, must be presented, after filing a complaint of violence with the Police Station of the municipality where the woman lives or works.

Arcelia Abelar is the first female commander to become head of the UAVI. THE INFORMER. camacho

Bet on experience to improve protection of women

With 49 years of age and almost 25 inside the Zapopan Police Station, Arcelia Abelar Serna has taken the reins of the Intrafamily Violence Care Unit (UAVI), As its name says, it attends to and prevents violence, especially against women and children in the municipality.

For Abelar Serna, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Constitutional Law and Amparo, reaching this position fills her with pride, since it is the opportunity to be able to apply the sensitivity that she has as a woman, together with her police knowledge and experience, to create the best strategies that safeguard and protect the victims.

“I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a grandmother, a citizen of the municipality, I know about the subject and I empathize with them. I feel a great commitment to this responsibility, which is why we have focused on restructuring to further strengthen what we already had, to be able to complement the task that has been given to me,” said the new commander, the first woman to lead the unit since which was formed 10 years ago.

She said that it represents a challenge for her, since from now on it will be her responsibility to direct the 57 elements that make up the unit, so that they attend in a timely manner and adhere to human rights and with a gender perspective. “The most important thing here is that the citizens make their reports, that they let us know, because it is the only way we can know how we can help or what the needs of the citizens are,” added the commander. For this, she has asked the municipal president of Zapopan, Juan José Frangie, to strengthen this unit with more elements and equipment, in order to increase the capacity to serve people who have protection measures.

“What we want with all these actions is that the citizens feel supported, that we are doing a job for them, that they are not alone, that we are really trying to support them. That is what the UAVI is all about, knowing how we can help the victim, with sensitivity and without re-victimizing. Most of our men and women have law degrees, we have psychologists, even paramedics, that is, they are highly trained to serve you,” concluded Abelar Serna.


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