Your license… Or you don’t go!

Your license… Or you don’t go!

They tell us that the deputies of Morena who had promised to go to Spain to the Inter-parliamentary meeting have been pressured to request a license and leave their substitutes active in the event that the Electoral Reform has to be voted on, which they do not like. They explained is that those five deputies who did request a license cannot receive public resources to fly to that meeting, because they would no longer be doing their job as legislators, but would become something like tourists from the Legislature. Will be?

close ranks

After the obfuscation of the senator from Morena José Antonio Álvarez Lima, who accused Ricardo Monreal of protecting transnational interests and stopping the discussion to prohibit the use of glyphosate in the country and paying journalists who cover the Senate source, Yesterday the plenary meeting of Morena began with an apology from the legislator for his behavior the day before. He excuses that it was followed by another pronounced by the leader Ricardo Monreal, which generated a closing of ranks by the unity of the bench. Could it be?

Digitize notaries

With the digitization of different legal and notarial processes, legal specialists intend to deal a blow to acts of bureaucratic corruption that, according to the Inegi, are equivalent to up to 9.5 billion pesos a year. The measures to combat these crimes will be discussed at the next forum organized by Legaltech in Mexico City, which will be headed by the rector of the Escuela Libre de Derecho, Emilio González de Castilla; in which the advances for the implementation of digital trusts, the decentralization of public records and the digitalization of notaries will be addressed. Will be?

It includes breakfast

Don’t tell anyone, but there are those who say that in the Morenista mayoralties of CDMX, staff, both grassroots and trustworthy, are being “invited” to attend the march called by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador next Sunday. What’s more, there are demarcations in which a meeting point has already been defined so that the bureaucrats can come to call the list and then everyone can move from Ángel to the Zócalo in the capital; this regardless of their political affinities or that it is a day off from work… A similar situation was experienced yesterday in some classrooms of the National Polytechnic Institute; one or another teacher told the group that if they went until breakfast there would be… but what a need. Will be?

They will take care of the AICM

After the attempted theft of 1.3 kilometers of cable that affected the operation in immigration filters at Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport, we are told that the authorities will get down to work to reinforce surveillance with security elements in the area, since the theft of several lights and assaults in the surroundings have also been reported. Will be?


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