You can now see the seventh and penultimate installment of the Lohengrin Dark Brabante web series « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

“The impossible” is the title of the new episode –penultimate of the saga- of the Lohengrin Dark Brabant web serieswhich appears every Friday on the LA CAPITAL website and can also be viewed from the Youtube Free Lyric.

In this installment, his brother’s words settled like a mist around his conscience. They got drunk as if desperate, they lost themselves in caresses that overlapped each other, they turned into a hasty tumult and in the end they were nothing more than a sob.

This new episode can be seen this friday from 20 from the Free Lyric Youtube channel.

with address of Pablo Gonzalez Aguilarthe opera web series is inspired by the work of Richard Wagner, “Lohengrin”. And this time it’s about a free version of this famous story, considered one of the darkest of the composer.

It involves the participation of outstanding artists, one of them is Georgina Esposito in the central role. “The idea was conceived in Mar del Plata, but at the same time it forced us to relate to the rest of the cast that is not here, we have worked on all the assembly, the rehearsals, the remote recordings, with few possibilities of doing face-to-face”, within the framework of health provisions, said González Aguilar.

Thought of eight episodes, this lyrical project is close to the cinema, whose director is the filmmaker Mariano Garcia. “The distance creates difficulties for us, and the difficulties generate a kind of stimulus for them to play in favor, thus we generate a metaphorical discourse,” he added about the challenge of carrying out a series at a distance.

You can watch the new episode here:

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