Yordenis Ugás thanks his partner: "For being present in my lights and my shadows"

the cuban boxer Yordenis Ugas He has made it clear that words are as good as blows in the ring.

On his Instagram account, the boxer shared a photo with his partner, the Cuban Dayanara Leonwhile sharing a trip, with a message that leaves no doubt about his feelings.

“Thank you for your support and your prayers. Thank you for being present in my lights and my shadows. Thank you for being on this journey with me. May God, Orula and Obatalá bless you always. I love you very much”, were the moving words that the boxer dedicated to Dayanara.

The last few months have put the couple’s union to the test through thick and thin. The boxer’s defeat last April against the American Errol Spence in the world title fight at 147 pounds, he brought with him much more than the loss of the title.

In the tenth round, the referee declared a technical knockout when he saw that Ugás’ right eye was practically closed.

After the fight, the boxer spent several days in a hospital to recover from the fracture in his eye. next to him, Dayanara, who confessed to having mixed feelings at the time: on the one hand the pride towards him and, on the other, the fear he felt seeing him in the ring that day.

“You can’t play with boxing. I am very proud of you and I am a witness of all your hard work and so many sacrifices. Now to recover mentally and physically, to hug your son and enjoy everything that you have earned through blood and sweat. Today I love you more than yesterday my champion,” the young woman told Ugás in an emotional message also shared on Instagram.

In the midst of his recovery, the boxer was forced to meet the attacks against him: “For the communist rats, cowards and the jealous ones who are partying and hate me for the man I am, for what I represent, for my spirit and desire to improve myself, what can I tell you? I’m still here with my head held high. And today I am a better man than yesterday. Homeland and Life”, Said the boxer in a message shared on the social network.

Nevertheless, The boxer also thanked all the signs of affection and the support he received of his followers and family during this time.

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