Yomil to Daniela: "You are beautiful however you wear"

Yomil Hidalgo Y Danielle Reyes They do not stop sharing their signs of affection and how much they love each other through social networks.

Recently, the actress and youtuber The Cuban woman uploaded a video to Instagram in which she is seen dancing with great delight to the rhythm of a merengue that says: “God has already forgiven me, you are missing.”

A phrase in the video clarifies the choice of theme: “When they tell me: ‘Oh, you look very different without makeup’”.

But everything seems to indicate that for Yomil it doesn’t matter if his girlfriend wears makeup or not.

In one of the comments to the publication, the reggaeton player wrote: “You are beautiful however you wear.”

Capture / Instagram Daniela Reyes

Yomil’s comment on his girlfriend’s publication provoked some reactions that praised their relationship: “That is love”; “You are my favorite couple… Take good care of her”; “Oh, how cute, I hope God makes them last a lifetime.”

Meanwhile, many of the fans of the youtuber They also gave their opinion on whether or not it looks good without makeup: “In fact, you are more beautiful without makeup, and many would like that complexion”; “You are as beautiful as you want, they will always talk, let it slide on you like the okra. Blessings”; “She is pretty with and without makeup, she is one of those people who looks good on her.”

Yomil and Daniela’s fans continue to witness the beautiful relationship they both have, but also the fun moments they share.

At the end of last May, while they were on vacation in Cancun, the youtuber and the singer could not stop sharing with his followers on Instagram the laughter that caused them to visit the store “La Pinguería”a place where they sell sweets in the shape of penises with different flavors and toppings.

Daniela has also made her admiration for Yomil public. After the singer’s last concert, the first after two years of absence from Cuban stages due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Cuban confessed the pride she feels for her partner: “I have not met another man with your determination my love, your battles and joys I make mine”.

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