Yairo Moreno would continue at Club León

the colombian player Yairo Morenowho was part of the processes of the Colombia selection of adults for south american qualifiers to the world of Qatar 2022had some setbacks in the professional and personal fields, especially due to his loan from the Lion to the Pachuca from Mexico.

Apparently, the left side did not achieve the goals planned with the Pachuca; Notably Dark he could not show much of his talent, since in most games he was from the bench. As a consequence, he could only do 3 goals and an assist in 24 games.

By losing continuity with the Pachucathe player will return to Lion hand in hand with the team’s new technical director, Renato Paivawho considers him a great token to meet the sporting objectives of “La Fiera”.

The player was part of the Colombian team in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. Photo: Instagram @yy.11.moreno

Although the future was unknown Darksportingly speaking, Paiva referred to the player with praise and above all with much expectation about what will be his performance during the next season of Mexican soccer, indicating that it will not be for sale and that, on the contrary, will be the owner.

yairo totally convinced me. If you have a player with that quality that in the market is worth more than 10 million dollarsyou put it in the template.”

He also said that as a soccer coach, he likes to have good players on his payroll and that clearly yairo it is. Later, he highlighted that the paisa has capabilities Y amazing features and that having him as part of the “Green Bellies” is a good sign, since he loves develop players.

It should be noted that Yairo Moreno is part of the 3 new additions to the Lion together with the Argentine Lucas DiYoriowho comes on loan from Everton, and the Ecuadorian defender Bryan Castillowho was playing with Barcelona de Guayaquil. Castle could be part of the Ecuadorian team in the world cup qatar 2022 having been summoned on various dates of the Conmebol tie.

The player returns to Club León after being on loan at Pachuca.  Photo: Instagram @yy.11.moreno

The player returns to Club León after being on loan at Pachuca. Photo: Instagram @yy.11.moreno

Yes ok Yairo Moreno has a history on the subject of his temperament and composure in teams, the teacher Paiva said that he had been very clear with the rules and that the player understood them perfectly.

Dark can play from side or of extreme and stands out for its speed Y agilitywhich have allowed him to be an unbalanced player in the various clubs he has been a part of. yairo He has worn the shirts of La Equidad, Envigado FC, Independiente Medellín, León and Pachuca.

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