XL weekend: high hotel occupancy throughout the country

With the beginning of the long weekend, all the regions of the country reported very good levels of hotel reservations, as well as land and air transport.

Most of the central destinations in each region had around 90% or more of hotel bookings, despite being the ones with the most beds, with the possibility of increasing thanks to spontaneous overnight stays by travelers in the coming days, according to the report released by the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT).

Long-distance buses, for the first time since the start of the pandemic, returned to provide services for a long weekend with 100% of their destinations enabled, according to the survey prepared together with the Federation of Tourism Chambers of the Argentine Republic, the Long Distance Bus Business Chamber and Aerolineas Argentinas (AA).

On the other hand, it clarifies that on long weekends, most passengers go to destinations up to 600 kilometers away, but in this case, being extra long, they travel up to 1,000 kilometers, and go to places that were sometimes relegated to vacation periods more extensivebut which concentrate 56% of the passengers.

Regarding the airway, Aerolineas Argentinas reported that this long weekend will transport more than 300,000 passengers to destinations throughout the country.

According to the ranking published in the report, the 10 best-selling destinations are Córdoba, Puerto Iguazú, Mendoza, San Carlos de Bariloche, Salta, Ushuaia, San Miguel de Tucumán, Neuquén, El Calafate and Comodoro Rivadavia.


According to the survey of reservations or occupation already specified, in Patagonia, Bariloche stands out, with 90% of its 38,000 hotel beds; Villa La Angostura, 75% of 4,400; Puerto Madryn, 85% of 7,000; El Calafate, 85% of 5,300, and Ushuaia, 85% of 6,000.

In the Northwest he mentions the good general performance of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, in Jujuy, and specifically in the city of Salta, with 80% of 27,000 beds; the capital of La Rioja, 95% of 6,300, and Las Termas de Río Hondo (Santiago del Estero), with 95% of 13,000 beds.

In the Cuyo region, Mendoza has 92% occupied of its 45,000 places, with San Rafael as a prominent internal destination (94% of 10,000), and Villa de Merlo, with reservations of 85% of 15,000 on offer.

On the coast, he first mentions the missionary Puerto Iguazú, which was at 90% of 15,000 tourist beds, and the thermal destinations of Entre Ríos, with averages between 70 and 90%.

From the province of Buenos Aires, it stands out Tandil with 90% of reservations over 8,000 hotel rooms, and Mar del Plata, which registered 70% in relation to its 36,000 places, while the City of Buenos Aires indicates that it expects some 81,000 tourists and an occupation of 76% of its more of 70,000 seats.

In Córdoba, its main tourist center, Villa Carlos Paz, had 75% of its 70,000 beds occupied, while the provincial capital was at 50% of the 15,000 available, and Villa General Belgrano, 90% of 5,000.

In addition to these destinations, the report includes another 50, between regions, provinces and smaller towns, with similar percentages, or higher in the case of places with less hotel availability.

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