Wow! Hero puppy in Ukraine detected more than 150 explosives since the war with Russia began

Since the start of Russia-Ukraine war last February 24it could be said that all those who fought and fight in defense of the freedom and sovereignty of the second country, are heroes. However, that list must include Pattern, a nice puppy that was key when it came to detecting explosives.

Volodomir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine, held an award ceremony for this jack russell terrierwhich is responsible for detect more than 150 dangerous artifacts from the start of the invasion.

The event took place in the presidential palace in kyiv and included the casual presence of Justin Trudeauprime minister of Canadawho even searched his pockets for some “reward” for the brave dog.

Pattern was recognized by
Volodomir Zelenskyfor his
“dedicated work in the Ukrainian army”during the
war with russia.

“Today I want to reward those Ukrainian heroes who are already clearing our land of mines. And together with our heroes, a wonderful little sapper, Patron, who helps not only to neutralize explosives, but also to teach our children the necessary safety rules in areas where there is a threat of mines.Zelensky stressed in an official statement.

The dog entered the event wagging his tail and was congratulated by both his president and his Canadian peer. However, when the latter shook hands with his companion in the army, he did not hesitate to bark at him. Then, it was time for the decoration and the photos.

Patron, the hero puppy of Ukraine

“Patron received his recognition. Among those who save the lives of [ucranianos] every day there are four-legged heroes. The most famous of them is Patron, a bomb-sniffing dog. In the presence of Justin Trudeau, Zelensky presented him with an award ‘For Dedicated Work in the Army of Ukraine’”shared the local Defense Ministry.

United States: controversy over the latest economic aid to Ukraine

It turns out that both leaders in the US Senate, Charles “Chuck” Schumer (D-NY) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), agreed that the $40 billion aid package should pass the upper house unanimously. The goal of this move was to get him out as quickly as possible.

“We can’t save Ukraine by dooming the US economy. Inflation doesn’t come out of nowhere, it comes from deficit spending.”assured the senator
Rand Paul (R-KY).

However, they did not have Rand Paul (R-KY), renowned libertarian and isolationist senator as far as foreign policy is concerned, who did not hesitate to delay the “Procedure”.

“Reserving the right to object, my oath of office is to the constitution of the united states, not to any foreign nation. And no matter how nice the cause, my oath of office is for the national security of the united states of americaargued the former presidential candidate in the full Senate.

“We can’t save Ukraine by dooming the US economy. Inflation doesn’t come out of nowhere, it comes from deficit spending.”he added.

Despite this occasional delay, the bill will now have to go through a series of procedures, although it is expected to pass sometime in the next week.

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