Wounded journalists in Matanzas testify from the hospital: "luckily we are alive"

Two journalists and a cameraman injured after the explosion of the second tank at the Matanzas super tanker base testified to the event from the hospital where they were treated this Saturday.

“That has no comparison. We’ve been through hurricanes and other natural disasters, but never a major fire like this. The burns are from the heat. The heat wave was tremendous. We ran and ran. We felt that we couldn’t get out of there, that we were melting. Lucky that we are alive”, described the journalist Lyl Jimenez Rodriguez.

Interviewed in the guard room of the Faustino Pérez hospital, the journalist showed the burns suffered on her feet, which were unprotected when the second explosion occurred and reported the extinction work in the first warehouse.

With minor burns on her feet and back, the journalist Melissa Blanco Deniz She confessed to feeling very nervous, even after knowing she was safe. “She has minor burns on her feet and back,” the reporter said. Yirmara Torres Hernandez who interviewed them on their social networks.

For his part, the cameraman Rigobert Leon He suffered burns to his hands, arms and head. “Rigo is quite a bravo. I was filming at the time the second tank exploded,” said Torres Hernández. “I was born again,” said the TV Yumurí cameraman.

“Everything was very fast. I was filming and there was an explosion. Imagine! Many people running everywhere. I felt the wave above me, which burned me. But we are fine, which is the main thing. And I have the images there” said the Matanzas professional.

“It has been shocking. What can be said is very little. We were close to the tank, so I think the burns are nothing compared to what could have happened. But we are fine”, considered Blanco Déniz.

The explosion this Friday of a fuel tank caused a fire of great proportions in the industrial zone of the Bay of Matanzas.

The authorities reported that, after a lightning strike, a fire broke out in crude oil tank 52 of the Matanzas supertanker base. Far from placating the raging fire has spread to the surrounding tanks, causing explosions throughout the night.

Although at the moment uncertainty reigns over the magnitude of the tragic incident, the first official victims of the incident have already been reported: 49 injured, of which nine are in serious condition and one in critical condition, with danger to life.

The injured were transferred to the Faustino Pérez Hospital. According to the account of the Cuban Presidency, the ruler Miguel Díaz Canel “is accompanying the wounded.”

At the moment it is unknown if the four explosions that have been heard and seen in the industrial zone of Matanzas Bay correspond to the same number of fuel tanks.

For its part, the latest update of the Giron Newspaper indicated that the fourth explosion reported by Mirabal Hernández had occurred in the second tank. “Several injuries are reported, although it is unknown if there are deaths,” the media outlet said at around 8 in the morning.

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