World Cup 2022: controversy over Qatar hotels that asked “not to look like gays”


Some 20 establishments launched this directive in view of the arrival of thousands and thousands of tourists in November. In addition, three hotels banned same-sex couples from entering.

controversy over the decision.

controversy over the decision.

controversy in qatar Facing the World Cup 2023: about 20 hotels asked future clients “don’t look gay” while three directly same-sex couples bannedreported three European news networks.

Journalists from the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, Sweden’s SVT and Denmark’s DR posed as clients and unmasked the sad reality faced by tourists in this country.

Specifically, the reporters contacted the 69 hotels on the official FIFA recommended accommodation list and asked for rooms for a same-sex couple: only 33 accessed without problems.

The rationale most hotels used for refusing was that in Qatar homosexuality is prohibited.

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