World Autistic Pride Day

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Every June 18, World Autistic Pride Day is internationally commemorated, a condition that the World Health Organization (WHO) also calls Autism Spectrum Disorder, which constitutes a group of diverse conditions related to the development of the brain, in the that there is some degree of difficulty in social communication and restricted and repetitive behaviors.

The WHO notes that the needs of people with autism vary and may evolve over time. Although some are able to live independently, there are others with severe disabilities who need constant care and support throughout their lives.

Early attention and intervention for children with this diagnosis is very important, because through the various interventions we can optimize and support their development.

It is essential to educate, make referrals to the corresponding professionals, listen and accompany families in the process of accepting the diagnosis, as well as in the intervention, in order to be able to contribute optimally to their quality of life.

Likewise, care for people with autism must be accompanied by measures in the community and social spheres to achieve greater accessibility, inclusiveness and support. The WHO also stresses that all people, including those with autism, have the right to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, we realize that people with this condition are stigmatized and often discriminated against, either due to the lack of professionals or the privatization of health care, where only a few can receive specialized care.

This day seeks to make visible the neurodiversity of the autistic spectrum, to show acceptance and respect by accepting all people with their qualities and singularities.

Valerin Azócar, academic Speech Pathology University of the Americas, Concepción campus.

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