World alert: Chinese scientists detected alleged extraterrestrial signals and made a drastic decision

Fans and believers in alien life received encouraging news this week. As reported by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technologyresearchers from the Peking University they would have found”several cases of possible technological traces of extraterrestrial civilizations“using the telescope”Sky Eye“.

The “FAST” Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, also known as the “Sky Eye”, is located in the province of guizhousouthwestern China, has a diameter of 500 meters and one of the purposes of its use is to search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Since its launch in 2020, his team has detected what could be signs of alien life.

In a report published on the website Science and Technology Dailythe teacher Zhang Tongjiechief scientist of China Extraterrestrial Civilizations Research Groupreported the finding of “several different narrowband electromagnetic signals from the past“. Tongjie revealed that he and his team “detected two sets of suspicious signals in 2020 while processing data collected in 2019” and another “suspicious signal from exoplanet target observation data“in 2022.

While many interpreted the discovery as proof of alien life, Tongjie clarified that the signs could also be simply radio interference: “The possibility that the suspected signal is some kind of radio interference is also very high, and needs to be further confirmed and ruled out. This could be a long process“.

The Chinese telescope known as “Sky Eye” is the largest on the planet.

Although scientists will investigate the phenomenon in more detail, the news of a possible sighting of extraterrestrial life soon became a trend on the Chinese social network. Weibo, being also picked up by other media, including those of the state. In the midst of the commotion, the original report appears to have been deleted of the website Science and Technology Daily.

Dan Werthimera researcher at the SETI institute in search of extraterrestrial life, noted that the signals FAST has detected so far “They are not aliens, they are terrestrial“Noise from televisions, cell phones and satellites on Earth can make it”difficult to determine what is interference and what could be of a distant civilization“, he added in dialogue with futuristic. But while this may not be our little green man moment, Werthimer is optimistic that one day we’ll find something. “It would be strange if we were the only ones“, he concluded.

We know that there are more than 5,000 planets outside our solar system, according to NASA. The possibility of finding evidence of alien life is high; whether it will be by Tongjie and his research group, the newly formed UFO Task Force of the USA or by other means, that remains to be discovered.

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