Woman is stabbed by her own son in Lerdo

During the afternoon of Wednesday, a woman over 30 years old was stabbed in the stomach by her own son in the Centro neighborhood of the city.

The report was received around 4:42 p.m. through the 911 emergency number.

Red Cross personnel and elements of the Metropolitan Force went to the scene to arrest the alleged aggressor and provide first aid to the woman.

It was a neighbor who made the call denouncing that a lady had just suffered an injury caused by her son. Authorities immediately rushed to the scene to deal with the crime.

Ricardo “N”, 47, assured that his sister, identified as Cassandra, was stabbed once in the stomach and had been her son.

The man was identified as Isaac “N”, 21, who stabbed the woman; however, he does not know the reasons why the young man hurt the lady.

Ricardo also commented that his nephew has been discharged from a psychiatric clinic for a week because he suffers from psychosis.


Cassandra was treated by Red Cross paramedics and transferred to a municipal hospital for her recovery. Her health status was reported as stable.

Isaac “N” fled the place in an unknown direction; It will be the family who decides to file the complaint against the young person for the alleged crimes committed.

However, the case was turned over to the Public Ministry of the Vice Prosecutor of the region, which will open an investigation folder to clarify the crime.

They will be the ones searching for Isaac’s location for the next few hours.


The young man was recently released from a clinic.

*The 35-year-old woman was stabbed in the stomach by her son.

* According to the woman’s brother, her 21-year-old nephew suffers from psychosis.

*Isaac “N” had been released from the hospital a week ago.

* The alleged perpetrator fled in an unknown direction.

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