Without clues and with the anguish of his family, 4 months have passed since the disappearance of Gastón Sánz

The way in which the image of Gastón Sánz, the young man of 31, It was shared by the different social networks reporting his disappearance, asking for help to find his whereabouts. However I knowIt’s been four months since this boy was last seen in the Castellanos river area, without knowing anything about it in all this time.

It was on February 20 when Gastón went to exercise in that part of the city of Salta and since then no one has heard from him. During the following weeks there was an intense search with specialists, volunteers, neighbors, baqueanos from the area and police authorities, but with negative results.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago InformateSalta dialogued with Andres Sanz, Gastón’s father, who was hopeful that the province will resume the search for his son again. “Now they are going to resume, although the Nation abandoned the search, the province is going to resume the search for Gastón,” he declared.

However, he acknowledged that, being without data on the boy, his relatives are desperate, they hope to have the Reward offer that feeds them with new data to reach Gastón. In this sense, he announced that the reward offer for data on the whereabouts of his son will soon be made public. “We have reached the desperation of seeing even seers”he asserted.

Regarding the latest news on the Gastón case, in mid-May the president of Central Norte, Héctor D’francesco, joined the search stating that those who provide accurate information on the whereabouts of the young man would have a free year to watch the games of the “crow ” in Federal “A”.

Likewise, and for that date, concluded the intervention of the Federal Search System for Missing and Missing Persons (SIFEBU), who participated in search and raking tasks in the area of ​​the Castellanos River, but without positive results.

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