With tribute to his deceased guitarist and an intimate night: This is how Riverside returned to Chile

Seven years had to pass. Seven long years for river side set foot on Chilean soil again and enchant his fans.

The Polish band had to face at this time not only a sad fact that mourned its formation, the death of its guitarist Pyotr “Grudzien” Grudznski the year 2016, but also the ravages of the pandemic, which suspended tours and left several without stages.

For this reason, the return to Chile was also not without anecdotes, since the progressive rock group changed venues twice: Del Nescafé de las Artes went to the Teletón Theater and from there to the Caupolicán.

That yes, this was not because of problems with the capacity and all that, but because of the enthusiasm to see them, which made the tickets sell out quickly.

Riverside and its enveloping performance

Thus, finally the night of May 13 became the most anticipated date for those who longed to return to singing hits like #addicted Y We Got Used to Us.

A day that did not disappoint and that showed that the music of the Warsaw originals could move entire families, who came with all their spirits to San Diego Street.

In fact, the fans were barely moved Mariusz Doubt he greeted with his characteristic angel, close and pointing out how much they had missed playing in this part of the world.

And they were also moved when, on the fourth track of their setlist, Towards the Blue Horizon, They paid tribute to their deceased partner, creating an atmosphere of total respect and mourning, which recalled all the affection of those who have followed the group since its inception.

Time Travelers Y Second Life Syndrome They were other hits that culminated an event that left the attendees more than happy and with the promise that the musicians themselves made before saying goodbye: to return in 2023 to have more Riverside around here.

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