With this new technique, the police “faster and more efficient” in Villeurbanne?

This Wednesday, June 22, the national police presented a new partnership which aims to “make interventions faster and more efficient” in Villeurbanne thanks to video surveillance. Here’s what you need to know. (©TZ / News Lyon)

Since April 2022, the police forces of the Rhône national police have had a new system on the territory of the city of Villeurbanne, in the metropolis of Lyon.

Presented this Wednesday, June 22 at the Hôtel de Police Marius-Berliet in Lyon by the prefect of the Rhône Pascal Mailhos, the mayor of Villeurbanne Cédric Van-Styvendael and the Departmental Director of Public Security of the Rhône Nelson Bouard, here is what it consists of .

Shared CCTV

At the command center of the Rhône national police, in the Hôtel de Police Marius-Berliet in Lyon, the police have access to more than 17,000 video surveillance cameras throughout the department.

This fall, the City of Villeurbanne signed an agreement with the Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) of the Rhône which consists of providing real-time images from the 165 mobile cameras installed in the metropolis.

Before, our operator had to request it. The time to do it, the lens often had time to disappear from the view of the camera.

Pascal MailhosPrefect of the Rhône and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region
Including the 165 cameras now made available to the national police by Villeurbanne, the French law enforcement agencies have 300 video streams on the city, including those made available by public transport and others.
Including the 165 cameras made available to the national police by Villeurbanne, the French police forces now have 300 video streams on the city. (©TZ / News Lyon)

What does this device change? “The novelty is that the video streams from the Villeurbanne cameras now come directly here,” explains the DDSP du Rhône.

“We get results”

The city of Villeurbanne has 50 municipal police officers. “We have been making efforts in terms of security for two years. I’m asking for a BST in Tonkin, I need staff reinforcements, I’m waiting for them from the State, ”explains the socialist mayor of Villeurbanne.

With this agreement, the national police forces can now “intervene without delay” in Villeurbanne and “manage problems of public order in real time”, “evaluate the danger and the means of intervention required” and “accelerate the procedures penal”.

Videos: currently on Actu

If it is still impossible to quantify the results of this partnership, the prefect of the Rhône promises to take stock of it soon. “We get results,” he says. “Almost all of the major cities in France have signed this agreement. In these cities, cases are solved more quickly. »

The future of all the municipalities of the metropolis of Lyon?

The prefect of the Rhône intends to extend this agreement to the entire metropolis of Lyon in the future. “The City of Décines-Charpieu has also accepted, I am trying to convince the other municipalities of the shared interest of this device. »

We have discussions with the mayor of Lyon, he agreed to send one of his agents here, to the information and command center, when delicate events take place. I hope to convince the mayor to go further.

Pascal MailhosPrefect of the Rhône and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

The subject is topical: at the same time, the environmentalist mayor of Lyon, criticized by his opposition on the subject of insecurity, defends himself from the lack of cameras in the city.

The subject also opposes him to the prefect of the Rhône, who persisted withNews Lyon on the lack of cameras and cooperation during the incidents that broke out in the 4th arrondissement following Emmanuel Macron’s presidential victory.

Grégory Doucet assumes to take his time on the subject of video protection and is awaiting an audit on the effectiveness of video surveillance cameras in Lyon. It is therefore still too early to know if Pascal Mailhos will be able to convince the mayor of Lyon to share the images of the 571 fixed cameras in Lyon.

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