With the internal red-hot, Peronists from Mendoza supported Alberto Fernández

Different sectors of Mendoza’s Peronism converged this Saturday in an act in The Heras where explicit support for the president was expressed Alberto Fernandez and a call to unity front of allin the midst of internal tensions caused by criticism from The Campora. The meeting was headed by the former Defense Minister, Agustin Rossiand participated from San Rafaelthe Albertista national deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The event was organized at the regional level by the National Current of Militancy, a group that leads rossi and leading to the provincial level William Carmona, current Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic at the Argentine Foreign Ministry. It took place at the Cultural Center of the Argentine Health Workers Association (ATSA), in Las Heras, and brought together a hundred militants.

Likewise, several leaders of Mendoza’s Peronism were also present, among whom were the national deputy Adolfo Bermejo and provincial senators Alexander Bermejo Y Raphael Moyanothe former candidate for lieutenant governor of Mendoza, Diego Martinez Palauformer provincial legislators Fernanda Lacoste, Gustavo Arenas Y Carlos Sosa. Meanwhile, no local representative from The Campora.

During the meeting there was a remote connection with San Rafael, where a parallel activity organized by women from the Peronist sector led by the brothers was being carried out. Emir Y omar felix. The current provincial deputy together with the national deputy from Mendoza Liliana Paponet led the event in the south of the province, which was attended by Toulouse Peacewho led the campaign last year in the elections in the province of Buenos Aires.

On his way through The Heras, rossi stated that the front of all is going through a process of internal debate and stressed that “a state of permanent debate and open sky is not the best scenario to govern.” For this reason, he indicated that it is necessary to find a synthesis in the political space or admit that internal differences will have to be lived with and that next year they will be synthesized through PASO elections.

“We are a Kirchnerist space. Most of us who are here spent the 12 years of management of Nestor Y Christina and we were also next to Cristina and Maximum during the macrista persecution. Today we understand that the path is to strengthen the unity of the front of all, strengthen management and thereby strengthen the president’s leadership. Without strengthening the management, it is very difficult to reach 2023, so that is the way,” said the former national official in a manifest support for Alberto Fernandezin full onslaught The Campora against the economic policy of the national government.

However, the leader does not put on the label of “Albertist” and maintains that the current place of his political space is to “support the Government of the Nation”.

In turn, Carmona from Mendoza pointed out that “there is a commitment of our political space with the support of the national government. We believe that it is a government that is producing great transformations at a very critical moment. And from our Peronist and Kirchnerist identity we seek to contribute to the strengthening of the government”.

“In the case of mendoza we are clearly opposed to what they represent Cornel Y Suarez. From that place we hope that with other expressions of Peronism from Mendoza we can offer a true alternative for the 2023 elections. With leaders from other spaces we agree that the Peronism of mendoza has to come up with a neat and clear alternative to Change Mendoza. We also visualize that there is an end to the cycle of radicalism in the province of mendoza and Peronism has to seek to fill the void that this generates with an overcoming proposal”, he stressed.

Regarding the criticisms that have been made from another Kirchnerist space such as The Campora To the president and his economic team, the Malvinas secretary maintained that “the opposition is there to make problems and we do not join the opposition’s proposals. We want to be part of the solution and not of the problematization and perhaps that is the aspect that differentiates us from other expressions of Peronism from Mendoza”.

The current national deputy Adolfo Bermejo went with his brother for the act that took place in Las Heras. Although he represents a different sector of Peronism from Mendoza, he agreed in supporting Alberto Fernandez.

“Peronism is launched in the province through this type of event. Of course, always valuing the President of the Nation and the management, because if there is no good management and there is no accompaniment in terms of unity, the truth is that everything gets complicated, ”he said.

As for the internal differences in the Mendoza space, he maintained that “Peronism is a very broad movement and there have always been different views. One pretends that this is done indoors and not in the open, but it happens and it is part of what we Peronists are. Some more careful and others less careful but it is part of the diversity that we have in the movement”.

At the same time, Toulouse Peace He also left a message of unity and support for the president from the south of the province. “We defend what was done in this time by the president Alberto Fernandez and by Christina. And the compañeras and compañeros gathered here are also convinced that this is the path and the path to travel in Peronism to continue strengthening what has happened up to now”.

“We defend the management of the president Alberto Fernandez and of Christina because we came to transform the Argentina that Mauricio Macri left us and that transformation was made from the national parliament with great laws that allowed this path of growth, but also from the national and provincial executives who have accompanied the policy of production and generation of opportunities and employment and job creation”, concluded the national legislator.

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