With passenger record, the Train to the Clouds prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary

The Train to the Clouds, one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Salta, meets next july 16 50 years since its inauguration. The fiftieth anniversary arrives in the midst of a passenger record, after the reactivation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About, Sebastian Vidal, its president, stressed that the train is a hallmark not only of the province but also of Argentina. “The salteño is accompanying us, especially after the reactivation as a result of the pandemic and having a differentiated rate, that always has to be clarified. The Salteño who decides to do tourism in our province and decides to do the Train to the Clouds, has a differential rate“, said to Federal Multivision.

In this sense, he highlighted that since January 9, 2021, the route was reactivated permanently and uninterruptedly. “This 2022 is a spectacular year. The months of January, February, March, April that we have already finished, were record months in passenger transport. That positions us in a different way towards the rest of the year, with great hope for what is to come,” he said.

He also assured that it is a very complete excursion, all day, that has medical assistance, guidance, breakfast and snack included. “It is a complete and very appetizing service and highly sought after not only nationally, but also internationally”he indicated.

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