With mass, Jesuits fire murdered priests in Chihuahua

From the city of León, in Guanajuato, the Jesuit University System officiates a Eucharistic ceremony in memory of the priests Javier Campos Morales and Joaquín Mora, murdered in Urique, Chihuahua, last Monday in a crime where a tour guide also lost his life. .

The mass is also celebrated within the framework of the annual meeting of rectors and concludes with the panel “Justice with peace and reconciliation” in which, by the Ibero-American University of Torreón, the rector, Mtro. Juan Luis Hernandez Avendano.

As reported, Jesuit priests Javier Campos Morales, 79, and Joaquín César Mora Salazar, 80, were murdered on Monday inside the Cerocahui church. Apparently, a man who was being chased by a drug gang had taken refuge in the temple, and the assailants cut him down and the priests when they found himaccording to the authorities.

The criminal leader José Noel Portillo, alias “El Chueco”, allegedly responsible for the crime, He spent nearly an hour talking with the priest Jesús Reyes, after having murdered the Jesuits and a tour guide in the Cerocahui church.in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua.

According to testimonies, “El Chueco” even apologized to the priest Reyes for the murders of the Jesuits, but later he took the bodies of the religious and the tour guideidentified as Pedro Eliodoro PG

This morning, without giving his name, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that “everyone knows” that José Noriel Portillo, alias “El Chueco”, was the one who carried out these murders, ensuring that there is already a sufficient presence of elements of the National Defense (Sedena) in the area.


At the event, Lorena Giacomán Arratia, Educational Assistant of the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, warned that the pain will not silence the religious universities of Mexicowhose members will fight for the federal government to put a stop to the violence.

“We are crushed by the unfortunate news, They were two priests who only knew how to do good in the Sierra Tarahumara, delivered to the indigenous people. As Jesuit universities we need to speak out to demand justice for this terrible murder that reflects the violence installed for years in our country, the fracture of the social fabric, and the misfortune of many people who, doing good, are victims of organized crime”.

“Pain will not silence us, we have raised and will continue to raise our voices against violence and injustice”declared Giacomán Arratia at the event held inside the Universidad Iberoamericana de León, Guanajuato.

When officiating the mass, Father Luis Alfonso González, rector of the Ibero León, asked for a minute of silence for Javier Campos and Joaquín Mora.

The professor called on citizens to honor the lives of the two priests by promoting good and fighting for a fairer society.

“His life has had a meaning and continues to have a meaning in the construction of the kingdom of God, and for all of us who are here to continue fighting for a more just, more fraternal and less violent society,” he declared.

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