Winter vacation getaway: the medieval village hidden in the suburbs for "time travel"enjoy and rest

One of the places to go out for a family walkby way of winter vacation getaways, is hidden in the middle of the Buenos Aires town of González Catán. Recreated as if it were a mediaeval villagethe property has houses, stables and buildings typical of the Middle Ages.

This tourist site is called Campanopolis and was described as a mysterious and captivating place, which is formed by a set of cobbled alleys where buildings inspired by an eclectic style of all the nations of Europe are erected. The objective of its creators was to build a totally different and unique place so that visitors are surprised to see it, and have an excellent getaway day.

Campanópolis, in González Catán.

The best attractions to enjoy the winter holidays

One of the main attractions is comprised of “the 12 little houses in the forest”which are surrounded by rivers, lagoons, bridges, windmills, chapels and locomotives with wagons.

The Stone House, the Museum of Wood or Sticks, the Casa de Escoria, are other places that we can visit within the medieval village, located only 30 kilometers from the Federal Capital. Other places to have fun, and discover with friends and family Pasaje del Búho, the Museo de los Caireles, the Cabildo, the Cascina, the Casa Proa de Barco and others “secret spaces”.

To be able to visit Campanópolis you have to book the ticket and do the guided tourswhich start from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.. The afternoon shift starts at 1:00 p.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m..

Campanópolis is located on Bariloche Street at 7300, in González Catán, Buenos Aires. If you want to contact the administration, you can do so through the address [email protected] or by phone/WhatsApp at 11-3063-3000, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ticket prices are:

  • Adult: $1,300
  • Minors up to 12 years old: $900
  • Children under 2 years: Free
  • Retirees: $1,300
  • With disability certificate: Free (Companion: $1,300)

Tickets can be obtained through the official page of Campanópolis. There you must choose the day and time in which you want to book the guided tour.

The site offers discounts to contingents of retirees at $900 pesos per person. For the contingent to be assembled, it is necessary to gather groups with a minimum quota of 25 Retirees, prior reservation and payment.

Parking is free inside the premises.

What can you visit in Campanópolis?

The guided tour consists of a tour of approximately one hour and a half, which includes visits to the interior of buildings and museums.. You can also enjoy the property, have a simple picnic, take photos only for tourist and recreational purposes, according to the website of the place.

To spend the day and have lunch, Campanópolis has a kiosk, a food truck, a souvenir shop, and a cell phone charging point.

The medieval village of Campanopolis.

The history of the medieval town of Campanópolis

The medieval village began to be built 40 years ago, when the owner acquired the land in 1976. The creator of this magical place built the village with recycled materials and a lot of creativity.

As they highlighted, the village property hides an important past. The historian Don Alfonso Corso, interpreting the stories of the German Ulrico Schmidl, official scribe of Don Pedro De Mendoza in 1536, at the confluence of the Morales stream with the Matanza river, the first foundation of Buenos Aires was made. In the place is as a tribute “The Stick of Justice”, in memory of the founding historic deed. This milestone is located within the Campanópolis site.

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