Will there be a massive bathroom in Paseo Santa Lucía? Government assures that the call is false

The water crisis in the state of New Lion continues, before this, a massive invitation was given to bathe in the Ride Santa Lucia from Monterrey.

According to what is known, the event was promoted on Facebook by a user due to the lack of vital liquid in the region.

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The event called “Massive bathroom in Paseo Santa Lucía«, tries to get everyone to bathe in the water of the artificial channel that connects Fundidora Park with the Macroplaza in the city center.

To do this, they urge everyone to bring their towel and that it will be a “cowboy bath” or short shower.

Hundreds of people were invited to the event that is scheduled for this Friday, June 24 at 6:00 p.m. and they are interested in going to bathe due to the lack of water.

On the other hand, before the invitation to the event, the Government of Nuevo León ruled out that it is true and promoted by the same state cabinet.

It was Governor Samuel García, who through Instagram stories, shared an image where he mentions that the information about the massive bathroom is false.

For now, we just have to wait if there will be people who arrived at Paseo Santa Lucía this Friday to bathe.

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