Why José Luis Espert had to go out and correct Patricia Bullrich

The deputy of Advance Liberty Joseph Louis Espert corrected the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, regarding the legislation of private property. Bullrich proposes a new emergency law that protects private property, since the taking of land within Argentina is increasing, even in a context where the Argentine army continues in negotiations for the land that the Mapuche want to inhabit.

Bullrich He considers emergency legislation so that the State can have action to stop the usurpations. “I am going to propose to our legislators an emergency law for private property. The seizure of land is a recurring situation throughout the country“, expressed the president of the PRO on Twitter. Expert he marked Bullrich that “a new law is not necessary. Moreover, in Argentina it is necessary to de-legislate. Article 17 of the Constitution already protects private property.”

The deputy attached various extracts from the Constitution in which the illegality of the usurpation and the care of private property is decreed. Article 181 of the Constitution deals with usurpation in such a way that “it will be punished with imprisonment from six months to three years.” Likewise, it establishes the bases of this: “Whoever by violence, threats, deceit, abuse of trust or secrecy deprives another, totally or partially, of the possession or possession of a property or of the exercise of a real right constituted over it, whether the dispossession occurs by invading the property, remaining in it or expelling the occupants”.

Article 181 of the Penal Code.

By last, Expert cited article 238 bis of the Criminal Procedure Code to make it clear that express eviction is legislated in cases of usurpation.


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