Why in the first hours of the day, when the sun rises, the temperature drops

A very particular meteorological phenomenon and we have probably all noticed it more than once. In the early hours of the day, with the sun peeking out of the sky, it feels like the temperature is starting to drop and it’s colder. And it’s not just an effect of wind chill.

This has an explanation scientific knowledge and, strictly speaking, it is not the heritage of winter but occurs in all seasons. Of course, when it’s cold, any degree that drops is felt and suffered… except for those who enjoy low temperatures.

Why is it colder when the sun comes out?

Consulting two specialists on the subject, they agree in explaining that this phenomenon occurs all year round but, of course, a drop in temperature at dawn can be welcome in summer, when it is very hot, but not in winter when more and more cold, not usually friendly.

“From 6 to 9 in the morning, when the sun rises, it clearly depends on the time the sun rises, the minimum of the day occurs,” explains the meteorological observer to cba24n.com.ar John Mario Navarro.

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“The change in the minimum of the day depends on three factors: cloudiness, humidity and also the wind,” he said, warning that on days when there are winds from the north, the drop in temperature during those hours is not usually be so abrupt On the other hand, when a cold wind blows, the phenomenon can be accentuated. “The most significant phenomena occur when the sky is clearest,” he clarified.

Navarro explained that the phenomenon is produced by “loss of energy”. The heat that is absorbed throughout the day is released at night. And then it recovers when the heat of the sun begins to be felt and when the first hours of light have passed.

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To its turn, Marcelo Madelona meteorologist at Córdoba Airport, explained, along the same lines, that this colder phenomenon in the early hours of the day “is related to the heating caused by the sun.” Madelón pointed out that the temperature only increases with the first minutes of sunlight, rising until after noon.

There is a delay in that heating. First the sun is going to heat the earth and then the earth is going to heat the air”, he said, explaining why in general the maximum occurs in the early hours of the afternoon and not at 13 o’clock, which is when the sun is at the highest, in our territory.

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Conversely, “when the sun sets, it begins to lose that heat little by little, the atmosphere begins to cool and when we arrive at dawn we would be about to have the minimum. But, it keeps getting cold until the time the sun comes up again,” he expressed.

“It is only then that the minimum occurs, that is why in winter the minimum occurs later. On the other hand, in summer, as the sun rises earlier, the minimum occurs a while earlier as well, ”he explained.

To conclude, he remarked that “the minimum occurs at the exact moment that the sun rises. Just from there the sun begins to heat again.

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