Why Gabriel Rubinstein is Sergio Massa’s choice despite resistance K

Within days of the inauguration of Serge Massa as minister of Economy, Productive development Y Agroindustry, the official marked the court at the press conference he gave after swearing in his new position. With the dictation of his economic measures, the referent of the Renewal Front generated expectations “both positive and doubtful” about how it will handle the country’s finances in a context where Argentina is increasingly in its worst economic moment. The political scientist and guest of the “Table of Power“, Gustavo Marangonimaintained that “the minister will have to make the goals, which the people have been asking for a long time, to curb the inflationary indexes and recover the purchasing power of the salaries of the Argentines.”

The way not to devalue in 2022

For Gustavo Marangoni, the minister Serge Massa generated very high expectations, but you will soon have to achieve positive results if you want Argentina do not have a possible devaluation in the coming months. “The path of the reserves is increasingly complex and they have not stopped falling in recent weeks either. It is demanded and it will have to negotiate with the silobags to obtain the necessary foreign exchange in order not to devalue. That’s why it’s about an operation more political than economic“, he explained.

Gustavo Marangoni.

Furthermore, he argued that the Government it should give hope and positive results to the people who have money in the banks. “There is a loss of deposits, people are withdrawing their money from the bank in the amount of millions and the problem is complex. By withdrawing these deposits, the State’s reserve requirements fall and by having to deal with imports, the climate of nervousness is It increases. Therefore, we must oxygenate this situation so as not to devalue,” he stressed.

On the other hand, Marangoni remarked that Serge Massa In addition to resolving the tax matters of the country, you must also know the limits that the Kirchnerism it will impose on you at some point, when you have to implement harsh measures. “Many of the announcements of the week were accepted because Peronism had no choice. The question is: To what extent will the need for a horizon allow Massa to establish more severe and concatenated measures? For this reason, I insist that a turn is needed from a pragmatic angle and his present will depend on the resolutions he makes, starting Monday of next week with the Central bank”, asserted the political scientist.

Why was Gabriel Rubinstein chosen one by Massa?

Gabriel Rubenstein He is an economist with a long career in both the private and public sectors. Currently, he serves as CEO of GRA, an economics and finance consultancy. But also, between 2002 and 2005, he was a representative of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic during the management of Robert Lavagna.

Gabriel Rubinstein.

Whereby, Serge Massa has the desire to appoint him as deputy minister of Economy and, in this way, he will have a person to guide him, since the minister is not an economist but a lawyer. For this reason, there were rumors linking Rubinstein in front of the Secretary of Economic Programming.

Journalist Ruben Rabanal He stated that “the economist has problems and that delays his appointment” as a government official, something that had already been questioned last night to the point that sources from the Casa Rosada recognized that another candidate for the position of deputy minister was being sought. “To the team of Massa it lacked a field economist, who has a look at macroeconomics, which none of its economists have. Rubinstein He would be the person who would guide the minister so that no furcio is sent and he can work freely,” he explained.

In addition, he stressed that he is a solid professional and that he would be a good piece to be part of the cabinet. Economic. “He is an economist who has beaten all the inflationary indices of the REMmanaged by the BCRA, and on top of that, your consultant is in the top 10 of the best economic consultants in the country according to the monetary entity,” argued the journalist.

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