Who were the Bahienses who attended the mega judicial meeting against drug traffickers

Four judges from Bahia participated in the mega judicial meeting that took place in Rosario organized by the Association of Federal Judges (Ajufe) with the intention of providing support to the Federal Justice of this city plagued by drug violence.

The National Meeting of Federal Justice was attended by the head of Federal Court No. 1, Walter López Da Silva, and members of the Federal Chamber Pablo Candisano Mera, Darío Amabile and Pablo Larriera.

The four officials from Bahia thus joined the more than 100 members of the Judiciary who appeared together with the interim Attorney General, Eduardo Casal, representatives of the Court of Santa Fe, Governor Omar Perotti and national legislators for this province in an act of support for the judicial authorities.

“It was an important measure that there is so much judicial presence committed to this problem, because it speaks first of taking dimension of what is happening and thinking not only of a judicial issue, but as a whole, as a society. The message was one of support, accompaniment, of understanding that it is a “problem that we must attack among all State actors,” said Diego Molea, a member of the Council of the Nation’s Magistracy, who participated in the event and this morning spoke with The Compass 24.

The inaugural photograph showed all the ministers of the Supreme Court along with 122 federal judges, and the Attorney General, Eduardo Casal. Under the slogan “The trial of drug trafficking”, a message of support for Rosario justice officials besieged by organized crime and to claim State policies to combat drug traffickers.

“There do not have to be isolated issues, quite the opposite. There was a lot of talk about support for the Judiciary of Rosario, which is really going through a delicate moment due to the advance of drug trafficking, but also a message of unity, without cracks,” added Molea.

The meeting also received the support of Pope Francis, who in a letter addressed to the organizers of the meeting, asked that “each of the powers of the State work in unity of intent in order to safeguard the common good and eradicate this scourge of society”.

Francisco has maintained close contact with Argentine judges during the more than nine years of his papacy. He received several of those who were in Rosario yesterday in private audiences at the Vatican. And he also invited federal and other judges from all over the country to participate in different activities organized in the Vatican.

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