who did better, Christina Ricci or Jenna Ortega?


The new Netflix series about the Addams Family character arrived in the platform’s catalog this week.

Merlina.© IMDbMerlina.

For the streaming platform, this week has been very important in terms of releases. It was the turn to launch the first spin-off of the addams family in serial form, which came to netflix under the title of Merlin (Wednesday in its original version). With many fans throughout history and two very different productions, first in series in the 60s then in batch of films in the 90s, it was to be expected that this show would have the magnifying glass above.

Merlin It is composed of a total of eight episodes in its first season (it is not yet known if we will see more). The show shows us a mysterious story crossed by the supernatural, as planned for the addams family. the protagonist is Jenna Ortega in the role of Merlin during his student years at Never again the Academy where he will seek to learn how to control his psychic ability amid a series of murders around town and a cold case involving his parents.

The most important thing to note is that even though this character is the same as christina ricci embodied in the films of the 90s directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (and which originally made Lisa Loring in 60), there is a substantial difference between Jenna Ortega and its predecessor. For christina ricci the films were the gateway to stardom, backed by a series of stories that mixed a certain darkness with teenage fantasy.

On this occasion, the main problem that the new series of netflix is the shadow of christina ricci. Not only because his former interpretation of Merlin but also because she is one of the protagonists of the show, giving life to marilyn thornhill. Each of his interventions, no matter how small, makes him a true follower of the addams family completely forget about the rest of the series.

+Where we saw Jenna Ortega

For Jenna Ortega, Merlin This is not the first foray into a known horror universe. A few months ago we saw her as part of one of the horror films of the year, scream 5where he played Tara Carpenter in this feature film of the franchise that has been erected as a “requel”, that is to say a reboot and a sequel at the same time that it took some elements of the soundtrack to tell a story. Incidentally, he made a very virulent criticism of snobbery in the cinema and amused us a lot with his traditional doses of slasher.

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