Where to eat original pizzas in GDL

I have already told you many times about super tasty places to eat pizza in Guadalajara, but This time I bring you places with pizzas that you will surely not find anywhere else.

Difficult to choose a single Rupestre pizza because they are all super original, my favorites are 3: The DOS pizza with a basil pesto base with cotija cheese, red onion, pumpkin flower, goat cheese, a fried egg and pink pepper that is as famous as it is original. The THREE pizza with mozzarella, roquefort, gouda, smoked provolone, brie cheese and fresh grapes or the FIVE pizza with an artichoke heart base, baked Serrano ham and fresh goat cheese.

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In Punto SaƵ Paulo there is a place that sells one of the best pizzas in the areaAlthough they have the most classic of Neapolitan gastronomy, they also have two pizzas that seem super original to me, one of them is the bambino, which is the classic pepperoni pizza but with French fries on top, it’s a very interesting combination.

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Osteria 10
All their pizzas are very tasty, from the classic margarita to a Dantesca pizza with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, arugula and grana padano. But Their true jewel is the black Tartufo pizza, which they were the first to prepare in Mexico.It has burrata cheese, basil and you can’t miss it.

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And to finish the list I prefer the Rucola pizza, which is the perfect combination between the typical pizza with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella cheese, with slices of Parmesan cheese, arugula and cherry tomatoes. but with a fusion with Spanish cuisine with its slices of Serrano ham that make it one of my favorite pizzas.

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