What would the Harry Potter movies be like if they were horror?


The Wizard of Hogwarts saga created by JK Rowling was, from its inception, designed for the whole family. What if their stories had scarier elements?

Do you think there is horror in the Harry Potter films?©IMDBDo you think there is horror in the Harry Potter films?

More than a decade after the end of the cinematographic saga of Harry Potter who distributed Pictures from Warner Bros. of the work of JK Rowling, we still talk about this magical adventure. the wizard of Hogwarts It came to the big screen as a story for the whole family from the stories first published in 1997 and quickly became a favorite with moviegoers around the world.

In Pictures from Warner Bros. they knew very well that the material had a lot of potential to bring it to the big screen and that’s why they reached an important agreement with Rowling to adapt the 4 novels of the collection which had already reached bookstores all over the world. Thus, the studio was able to retain the rights to The Philosopher’s Stone, The secret room, The Prisoner of Azkaban Yes The goblet of fire.

With time, Rowling he continued to write his stories and the aforementioned studio continued to screen them. Indeed, years later, he agrees to expand this cinematic universe with the help of the saga of fantastic animals, which released three of the five announced films. Much of the box office success of this universe of Harry Potter, which has grossed over $7.7 billion worldwide, were to be thought of as productions for the whole family. But what if it had been different?

The user of Twitter @ImladrisFilms slipped a great question from the artist’s illustrations Dylan Pierpont. “What would the movies look like? Harry Potter if they were horror movies?, he wondered, and in a thread, he shared the covers of each of the 7 novels that make up the wizarding saga. With Alphonse Cuaron in the head, The Prisoner of Azkaban This is one of the most horrifying elements. What do you think would have been a great horror movie?

+What will happen to Fantastic Beasts

As said, the saga of fantastic animals he released only three of the five announced films. However, nothing is known about the other two films that should be in production and the context is not very favorable. First, because the reviews weren’t as favorable as the films of Harry Potter, and secondly for all the legal disputes surrounding these productions. the exit of Johnny Depp and its replacement by Mads Mikkelsen had a great impact on fantastic animals and the present of Ezra Millerstopped three times in Hawaii in less than two months, makes us believe that the franchise is cursed and that it will be difficult to get it off the ground.

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