what the names of the ships, Prometheus and Kerberos mean

Just like in “Dark”, every detail and element of ” 1899″ has significant significance for the history of the netflix series created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. Such is the case of green beetle Yes the inverted triangle symbol appearing at various points in the first season.

But that’s not the only thing that holds special significance about the period horror-mystery drama which, since its November 17, 2022 premiere, has positioned itself in the Top 10 most popular Netflix productions. popular. Prometheus and Kerberos, the ship names also hide some secrets.

1899″ follows a group of European immigrants who travel from London on a steamer called the Kerberos to start a new life in New York.. However, their plans are threatened when they receive a request for help from the Prometheus, a ship that has been missing at sea for months.

Captain Eyk Larsen orders a change of course in hopes of rescuing the survivors, but he only finds a boy who doesn’t say a word and is carrying a small black pyramid. From this moment, a complex enigma begins to unfold for its disoriented passengers.

Maura Franklin, like other Cerberus passengers, received a strange letter before boarding the ship in ‘1899’ (Picture: Netflix)

Prometheus is not only the name of the first ship of ” 1899, it is also the name of the spaceship where Maura wakes up at the end of the first season and of the project that she developed with her husband and left in charge of her brother Ciaran. But what does that mean?

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the friendly Titan of mortals, known primarily for defying the gods, stealing fire from Zeus, and delivering it to mankind. As a punishment, He was sentenced to be tied to a rock and have his liver eaten by an eagle forever.

Every night, Prometheus’ liver grew back every night, and at night the eagle ate it again. After a while, Heracles appeared, killed the animal, and freed Prometheus from his eternal punishment.

Prometheus’ torture was an endless loop, just like the story of the protagonists of ” 1899. Meanwhile, Ciaran, who is in charge of the simulation, could represent Zeus, and Daniel could be Heracles, since he freed Maura.

Maura and the rest of the Cerberus passengers are stuck in a loop in

Maura and the rest of the Cerberus passengers are stuck in a loop in ‘1899’ (Picture: Netflix)

In Greek mythology, Kerberos or Cerbero was the dog of the god Hades who was characterized by his three heads, called Veltesta (left head), Tretesta (central head) and Drittesta (right head). Although according to Hesiod, you had fifty heads and a serpent for a tail.

Kerberos guarded the gates of the underworld and ensured that the dead did not leave and the living entered. If you’re looking for a similarity to the “1899” series, Cerberus also doesn’t allow its passengers and crew to leave the ship, at least not alive..

At the end of

At the end of “1899”, the surviving passengers try to escape from Cerberus, but do not succeed (Photo: Netflix)

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