What is the new about "uncle’s tale" with missed calls?

prior to the arrival of the technology, criminals were content to break a padlock or jump a fence and enter the house of the future victim. For as long as telecommunications have existed, criminals have become almost as sophisticated as cell phones, which they now rely on to carry out their crimes. his latest scam: the missed call.

Indeed, this technique was alerted by the Spanish Civil Guard and consists of making calls that ring only once. What would be the trick? In this case, if the user deigns to answer the call, a special rate will be charged.

While it makes sense to answer when a call comes in, when people don’t know the number and if you’re not looking for a job, the urge to move the green icon to the right or up goes down considerably. The grace for the scammers is that, of the mentioned rate, whoever executed the call would keep a percentage.

As specified by the Civil Guard in its account of Twitterat the moment these calls come from four main countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast Y Albanian. As for these commissions, it varies according to the origin of the call.

On social networks, users were honest and told about their experiences with this scam attempt. “To me too, they began to send me WhatsApp messages with the prefix of that same country for an item he had for sale in Milanuncios. They sent me a strange link from a transport company, which I didn’t even access. Immediately from the way they speak you see that it is a scam”; “They “call” me from the Solomon Islands, through New Zealand and even Nigeria. Although I will say that it goes by “streaks”. Obviously, I do not answer any of them, it would only be missing” Y “I am one of those affected by those calls. For several months she received more than 30 calls a day ”were some of the outstanding comments.

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