Weather forecast in Mendoza: this Thursday will be cloudy and cold

For this Thursday, it is expected that the cold will continue to affect all of Greater Mendoza, and the cold will be felt more intensely in the surroundings, mainly throughout Luján and the Uco Valley.

The Weather forecast for this Thursday indicates “partially cloudy and cold with frost, light northeasterly winds. unstable in mountains“, the maximum temperature it will reach 7º and the estimated minimum will be -2º.

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While this Friday, it is predicted a slight rise in temperature, but the journey will continue with intense cold, since the maximum will not exceed 10º, and the minimum will be 1 degree below zero.

“Partially cloudy with temperature rise and icy, light northeasterly winds. Snowfall in the mountains”, says the forecast for this Friday, in which the maximum would reach 10º and the estimated minimum will be -1º.

Weather in Mendoza Thursday June 23, 2022.jpg

On the weekend, the situation will repeat itself and during the morning the temperatures will continue to be very low, and the snowfalls will continue in the Mendoza mountain range.

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The forecast for Saturday says “partially cloudy with little temperature change, light northeasterly winds. Snowfall in the mountainswith a estimated maximum of 8º and a minimum of -1º.

On Sunday, while it is expected that the sun rises some hours, from a slight rise in temperature. Likewise, the estimated minimum it would be 0 degree, while the maximum could reach 10 degrees, with partly cloudy sky.

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