“We want to change the centralist Argentina that does not give opportunities to the interior of the country”

A few hours before the start of the electoral ban prior to the Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Obligatory (PASO) this Sunday, September 12, the candidate for national deputy for the Frente de Todos, Emiliano Estrada, visited Inform Skip TV, program hosted by Rebeca Aldunate and José Zambrano.

In this sense, he assured that the message he carried during the campaign was extremely easy because he is thinking and articulating from the framework of a Jump productive, whose proposals are based on 3 main axes.

First, come up with a plan for youths who enter the world of work may have free monotax for one year; also will seek to get new financing for the microcredit law and that Salta can have a social bank for entrepreneurs of the neighborhood economy; Regarding the business sector, it includes a series of strategic works so that the province has a productive matrix.

“And on the other hand, to raise the need to have a look from Argentina with the look of Salta. We want to put the characteristics and particularities that the North has on the table of Argentina and that Argentina does not build a country without understanding what Salta is like. We want to change the centralist Argentina that does not give opportunities to the interior of the country. It is our commitment and it is what we have come to transform and ask people to bet on a new generation this Sunday, ”he said.

He also raised his desire for power work together among all political spaces for the benefit of Salta and stop building on the basis of confrontation and hatred. And he asked voters to take the time to listen to his proposals.

“We would like people to give us the opportunity. We compete against leaders who have been in political office for 25 years, I do not make a value judgment of how their career was, but it seems to me that It is an opportunity for those of us who have new ideas, we train, we work, we can have an opportunity to show Salta people that there is a new way of thinking about Salta and a new way of doing politics, which is without aggression and making proposals, “he said.

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