“We have shelters ready”: because Helsinki does not fear Putin

There Finland now he feels like a member of Born and Putin began his spite by cutting off electricity in Helsinki. His accession but also that of Sweden “it would be a strategic change for the Russian Federation“as stated by Moscow’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Aleksandr Grushko.”This change cannot remain without a political reaction, as well as without an in-depth analysis of the consequences of a new configuration of forces that could be formed following another expansion of the alliance.“, Grushko stressed to reporters as reported by the news agency Interfax.

“No hostile intentions but …”

That above all the Finnish request did not please the Russian neighbors is well known but what is worrying are the meanings behind the words of the Kremlin, which will make an analysis “carefully calibrated of all factors influencing the security situation in this region“, said the deputy minister, adding that much will depend on the infrastructures that NATO will deploy in these territories. it will happen when will NATO formalize the entry of Helsinki? The Finns know their neighbors better than their pockets, they are not naïve and they know it won’t be all roses. What will be the reaction of the country with which it shares over a thousand kilometers of border? “He has no hostile intentions“, adds Grushko, but not even Putin would have had hostile intentions in his” special operation in Ukraine. “We all know how it ended and how the conflict is continuing.

The nuclear threat

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said this accession poses a direct threat to Russia. And then there was also the reaction of Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, from whom very harsh threats came. “Helsinki needs to be aware of responsibility and responsibility consequences of such move“that will only cause”serious damage to the Russian-Finnish bilateral relations“as we read on Republic. What is the password in these cases? Always the same, or nuclear. As mentioned, however, the Finns are well aware of who Russia is and arm themselves in advance: Helsinki has 280,000 active soldiers and about 900,000 “reservists”, all skilled and enlisted and continuously trained.

A bunker for 900 thousand people

In addition to the soldiers, ready for a possible call, here is the super bunker Finnish where they could find shelter. As the Daily Mail, there are more than 500 underground shelters dug into the rock of the capital Helsinki where as many as 900 thousand people could find shelter, practically a third of the entire city. The most amazing thing, however, is that it seems to be in another city equipped with various comforts but above all entertainment, essential to pass the time and not think about nuclear war: a softball court was built in one of the 500 fortresses, even a go-Kart track where there is also a coffee between laps. Not only that, but you can also arrive in the shelters by car and park them as if they were the garages of shopping centers.

A few stairs then take Finns and visitors 25 meters underground into what have been called “underground paradises”. We forgot to mention archery before too. In short, there is little talk of a holiday village. “The entrance doors of the shelters carefully placed above the ground are so thick that a nuclear explosion would not leave a dent“officials said.”There will be a management department, doctors and nurses, people in charge of taking care of the children while the parents work and more“, he told the British newspaper Anna Lehtiranta, Head of Communications of the Rescue Department of the City of Helsinki. This is why, therefore, the Finns are not so afraid of Putin’s threats. “People will use the skills they have acquired on the surface while in shelters“.

Metro stations

In addition to the hundreds of refuges, the twenty-five stations of the underground of Helsinki have the possibility of being transformed into underground bunkers that can accommodate people for weeks. The same rule applies to tourists if they fail to return to their homeland in time. “Everyone staying in Finland, including hotel guests, will have a place in the bunkers“.

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